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Fuck Yeah, Fallout

Why is no one pregnant in the apocalypse I mean you'd think they would try and repopulate ?

If we’re talking about a general apocalypse, maybe people are more focused on surviving themselves, they don’t want to bring children into this kind of world, they can’t have children?

If we’re talking about the Fallout universe, people definitively are pregnant, we just don’t see anyone pregnant as the player. Perhaps because pregnant people would kind of stay away from the action? But most likely it’s the same reason we don’t see people with missing limbs, and scars or any body diversity - because it wasn’t put into the game. 


I originally blogged this on my previous account, can’t remember the details, so I thought I’d reblog it here, and we are VERY proud of our GECK. :)


Another photo from the same Raider (post-apocalypse) cosplay which I made quite a while ago. Picture is taken by my sister.


A few more props from our Fallout inspired LRP - Vault 57.  At the top we have a mutant arm which fits over a normal arm in two sections. The second photo shows a LRP safe ripper sword. Obviously the teeth don’t go round, but is does have a noise function of an idling chainsaw noise, withe the trigger making it rev. We scared the hell out of our players with this one :)

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Fallout Illustrations - Created by Ben Hutchings

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Brick’s the name, and I call this fine looking roomsweeper Eugene.


"M.A.R.Go.T. (Metro Authority Rapid Governmental Transit System) first enters service in 2065." (Source)


Get the Rangers home. Please. That’s all I want.

thanks for updating with warnings for the movie list! I wouldn't have thought of that, either! :) fixing a mistake like that really means a lot to people. So thank you, again. Love the site!

No problem. If you followers ever want me to tag certain things so you can avoid them feel free to message me! It’s such an easy thing to do, to help people and make sure they’re comfortable.

Movies for a Fallout fan



  • A Boy and His Dog (1975) ; Inspiration for the games, much references in-game such as dogmeat’s name and the glowing ones and vaults. Highly recommended. 
  • Mad Max (1979-) series ; Inspiration for the games, such as a dog companion, the leather armor and raiders fashion style. Highly recommended.
  • The Omega Man (1971) ; Inspiration for the games, though I’d say not to the same extent as the previous two. Also shown at the Fallout 3 film festival. Recommended as it is a classic, however I did not get much of a Fallout feeling when watching. 
  • Cherry 2000 (1987) ; Androids, post-apocalyptic desert environment with scattered settlements and buried cities. Big fucking guns. Really bad acting, but still a pretty enjoyable film from a Fallout fan’s perspective. 
  • Book of Eli (2010) ; Nuclear post-apocalyptic neo-western. Pretty good. 
  • Eden Log (2007) ; ”A man wakes up in an underground cave not knowing how he got there, a dead man lies next to him.” Definitely gives the feeling of exploring a vault. Recommended. 
  • Pandorum (2009) ; Post-apocalyptic survival in a space ship with mutants and shit. Great movie. 
  • Six String Samurai (1998) ; Post-apocalyptic Vegas, dude trying to get there to become the new King. Referenced as a New Vegas perk. Kind of strange movie, but very enjoyable and cool.  
  • I Am Legend (2007) ; Based on the same novel as The Omega Man. Post-apocalyptic. Good. 
  • Twelve Monkeys (1995) ; Post-apocalyptic time travel movie. Recommended. 

im a bit miffed these don’t have warnings, but what can you do

  • A Boy and His Dog is heavy on the degradation of women and rape.
  • Mad Max has a scene where a couple is attacked. In a scene later on, it implied they were both raped.
  • i can’t speak on the rest but honestly when you’re recommending this kinda stuff you can have a moment of consideration can’t you

I am so sorry, I didn’t even consider warning people about this since I kind of figured that if they can play Fallout they can watch these, and that was wrong of me! I’m adding these warnings now, though they may be a bit late, but I will remember to do this for anything else I do. Thank you for calling me out on it. 

  • Most of these movies are horror, or/and action, and future violence and death. It’s been a while since I saw most of these, so I’ll be using imdb’s keyword pages to help.
  • A Boy and His Dog; As gunsandbots said, degradation of women and rape, both of women and the main character. Cannibalism. Nudity. Sex. 
  • Mad Max; Lots of deaths in horrible ways, murder of baby, nudity, implied rape. Sex.
  • Mad Max 2; Animal death (dog, I believe), deaths in horrible ways, nudity.
  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome; Deaths, feral child, arena fighting. 
  • The Omega Man; nudity, deaths, sex, impalement, person on fire. 
  • Cherry 2000; Androids used for sex, nudity, deaths.
  • Book of Eli; Cannibalism, deaths, attempted rape, eating cat, killing an animal. 
  • Eden Log; Darkness, loss of control, memory loss, infection, rape. 
  • Pandorum; Deaths, killer child, insanity, eaten alive, self mutilation, lots of gruesome deaths, cannibalism. 
  • Six String Samurai; Cannibalism, death. 
  • I Am Legend; Virus, gruesome deaths, loss of family, depression, killing an animal (dog). 
  • Twelve Monkeys; Virus, escaped mental patient, deaths, mental institution, tooth extraction, attempted rape, nudity, forced drug consumption. 


More Isaiah doodles


Top 10 Video Games of all Time Number 2: Fallout 2

We can not discuss great games and not discuss interplays masterpiece Fallout 2. Every modern western RPG whether it’s Dragon Age, KOTOR, or even Fallout 3 and New Vegas, has taken many pieces from Fallout. With its open world, and no nonsense view of difficulty, and its complete and utter sense of freedom. Fallout 2 is one of the most important games ever.


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i just really like him

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