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Fuck Yeah, Fallout


Fallout LARP - The Czech LARP based on Fallout game series supported by Moravian larp (photos by Tomas Felcman)

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How to kill a deathclaw by my lovely followers

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Another update to my previous post. Piecing this together rather slowly, been focusing on small details. Still have quite a bit to do with head covering and touching up the parka. Have some guns, too.

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Fallout In 30 Minutes, it took me about 40 hours to edit this so I would love it if I could get a post :)


Cardiff Film And Comic Con Mar 2014


Cosplayer: Valentine Cosplay [facebook] [twitter] [web]


You can find more photos at

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Download Enhanced Camera too see your legs in Fallout: New Vegas here

*Requiers NVSE

Mod made by Nexus user LogicDragon


Yo, if you’re looking for hip, new tunes, check out Vault Archives, a remastering of the soundtracks of Fallout 1 & 2 by the games’ composer, Mark Morgan. Free to download, it flows through 24 atmospheric tracks, my favorite being Gold Slouch. Check it out.

Why is no one pregnant in the apocalypse I mean you'd think they would try and repopulate ?

If we’re talking about a general apocalypse, maybe people are more focused on surviving themselves, they don’t want to bring children into this kind of world, they can’t have children?

If we’re talking about the Fallout universe, people definitively are pregnant, we just don’t see anyone pregnant as the player. Perhaps because pregnant people would kind of stay away from the action? But most likely it’s the same reason we don’t see people with missing limbs, and scars or any body diversity - because it wasn’t put into the game. 


I originally blogged this on my previous account, can’t remember the details, so I thought I’d reblog it here, and we are VERY proud of our GECK. :)


Another photo from the same Raider (post-apocalypse) cosplay which I made quite a while ago. Picture is taken by my sister.


A few more props from our Fallout inspired LRP - Vault 57.  At the top we have a mutant arm which fits over a normal arm in two sections. The second photo shows a LRP safe ripper sword. Obviously the teeth don’t go round, but is does have a noise function of an idling chainsaw noise, withe the trigger making it rev. We scared the hell out of our players with this one :)

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Fallout Illustrations - Created by Ben Hutchings

Artist’s Tumblr | Twitter